Funnies Grannies

Approximately last week I got so nervous coz I fell asleep in my bed for 2 hours in the afternoon then I realized that it was so close to 9pm! I had to use loads of photo-copies in order to ask for some official document the next day but I had nothing at all. I so had to go out cuz the shop would be closing soon. I grabbed what I needed and left right away. Luckily, I thought, the place where I could copy my stuff was pretty close to my house, it’s the driving-teaching school. I went in there, sat down, and took out the papers while asking for what I wanted. Before I could get all my things out, the girl there just told me to go to another shop. I was like, “But what did I do?” She calmly told me that there was no ink left. Nothing I could do so I left and began to find other places where I could do my thing. I didn’t see anything (I guess it’s because the fact that everything was closing got on my nerves) but the lottery shop so I went inside with fingers crossed hoping they would also provide the photo-copy’s business. And you know what? They really did! I got all my papers out again and started to copy one by one. I took a long time there coz I got more than ten things to copy. During that time, some people came in to buy the lotteries and to check their results. The funniest person was one old lady (around 60 plus). She got out loads of papers just like me, but not for copying. They were all lottery’s papers. She kept handing her lotteries to the man there one after one asking if she won anything. After like five(or more), she said, “Oh, I’ve got none left.” The whole time, the only conversation I heard was, “Did I win?” and “No, you didn’t m’am.” She was like, “Oh… well, give me two more for this weekend.” !! She chose the numbers and paid a note. The guy in the counter gave her the lotteries and the change. She collected slowly one coin after another. She even counted the whole time. At last, she protested, ten cents missing. The guy told her that he already gave the exact change so she counted again and yea she got it all. And it was the time for her to keep her beloved lotteries. She tenderly picked them up and kissed them one by one. She added at the last one, “Bring me some luck this time.”
Later, my papers were done so I collected everything into my bag and paid. I quit the shop and smiled to myself about that granny I met. While I was laughing with my thoughts, a new granny appeared! One old lady came from nowhere and stopped at one jewerly shop. It was already closed but it was still possible to see the jewerlies at the front of the shop. That lady, well-dressed, kept looking, actually staring at all necklaces and rings that were placed there. She looked from the left to the right, from the top down the bottom. I saw that a little curious so I stepped closer to her. Then yea, I heard, “Oh.. how beautiful…” “I wish Fernando bought me that one..” I couldn’t help myself. I was about to laugh already then I heard, “Actually, I’ll take him here tomorrow.” I suddenly laughed out loud! Then she turned to me so I stopped and walked back to my house.
This’ an experience that I actually have been with all my life. Coz back in Thailand, I lived with my mum and my granny. My granny’s not really different from those ladies, hehe. When we get older, we still want to win the lottery although there’s no way we can take it with us when we have to leave the world. We also want to dress pretty and take possesion of something beautiful although we see in the mirror everyday that our skin’s no longer the same, our hair’s already turning white. Well, the thing is when we get older, we’re no longer the same in many ways but genuinely we don’t really change, huh?

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