Daily Archives: October 10, 2007

On the cover

Since I started my university, I find myself so weak. I always am tired and a lot of times, I try to get myself some little time. In the morning when the alarm clock wakes me up, I’ll say, c’mon, 5 more mintues, a while later when it wakes me up again, “ok, last time, give me 10 more mintues, please!” When I get into the metro station, I always try to find a place to sit waiting for the metro including when I’m already in the metro and if there’s no more seat, I’ll at least leave my bag on the floor and rest my shoulder a little (That also happens in the bus, hehe.) After that , during the classes, I don’t even leave my chair to go talk to my friends, I just sit there, rest and enjoy the little time I achieve. After all classes, I walk quickly to the first bus-stop in order to reserve some seat. Afterwards, I’ll also take a nap if I can. Now you must think that I’m so lazy, unsociable without any energy, not even enthusiasm, right? Let me tell you, it happens to everyone.
Well, have you seen what’s going on in the morning in the capital where you live in? I lived in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and now living in Madrid, which is the capital of Spain. I also did visit Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore. I swear to you all the capital cities are the same. It’s true that people that are walking along the road and crossing the zebra look completely different. Plus, the views of each city are not exactly the same. However, there are heaps of builidings, loads of cars and definitely, traffic jam. Moreover, everyone is in a rush and the life seems to go so fast. If you look closely, you’ll see people struggling for seats in the metro and in the bus. People standing still at the escalator and people sleeping in the metro.
Well, for example, we see that the life in Japan go so fast and people do things so quickly. I suppose you think the same in the capital cities that you’re looking at and living in. It seems like we get upset so easily if there are too many people in the morning and they block our way to walk pass and we think we’ll reach our destination slower. Looks like people keep on walking though they are at the escalator. People get so furious if there are loads of cars in the streets and it doesn’t look like it’ll ever move. We always see that we have metro, sky train and etc, in order to go faster. On those covers, we see technology, advance, inventories and rush for the factor called money. But have we ever realized what really are there behind those covers? Have we noticed there are a lot of tiredness and exhaustion, lots of need to rest in all the little moments we discover? It doesn’t matter if they are 5 minutes or just 3, we’ll still take advantage of it.
And that’s what we call wealth? Mobiles, computer, cars..belong to the word wealth when all of them take all the time that we’ve got? And what about valuable time that we call the gift of our lives? I so wanna give people a big fist when I hear they say that they are doing nothing, just killing the time. Some people don’t even have time for their beloved families. More and more, we’re creating a huge distance among ourselves. We care about how many clients we find and how much we gain everyday. We care too much about how we look. We buy loads of new clothes and new stuff almost every month. Isn’t it what we say, don’t judge the book by the cover? I agree and I’d say the authentic values are what actually hiding under it.