Clouds and me

In the plane last time from Bangkok back to Madrid, I was so so tired. It was an extremely long trip. I flew from Bangkok to London and then got transit there to come back to Madrid.
My flights this time were all delayed. When I arrived in London, my flight already left so I had to wait longer for the next flight. However, eventually, I got on the plane.
And the whole time on my last flight this trip, I was no longer sleepy. Maybe because I already slept loads in those earlier flights. I got a window seat (So cool! Coz all the flights before I had to sit between two guys, hard to look out and even harder to get out). Then I started to enjoy the views out there. There were lots of white clouds in the really blue sky. At first, I talked to myself like a little girl, that cloud is a cone of vanilla ice-cream, that one is a girl dancing and that one is a turtle looking at me. At last, I realized that it was so borring, they are all the same, there are clouds, in different shapes. If there were some angles playing upon all those clouds, maybe it could be more fun, I thought.
So I concentrated more and more on those clouds, trying to find something more than just cotton-like and unmoving clouds. Then I noticed that there were both big and little clouds. Actually there were some that are the same and some that are different. Nevertheless, they are the same type, white and cotton-like.
Til now, I started to miss my mum, my granny, my family and my friends. I thought of Thai people and every Thai thing that I was about to be away from for another year. Thinking about the Thai, I remembered how we have such a problem in the south of Thailand, of course, terrorism. I realized that there are good ones and bad ones everywhere. We have cute plants that always give us fruits and shades. Also, we have plants that are pests, just living on another plant and stealing food from it. In the soceity, definitely not just in Thailand , there are people who do good, who trouble others and even who are completely ignorant to every single thing that happens around us. It’s obvious that we’re different but we’re the same as the matter of fact. We’re just like those clouds that are just above us. Undoubtedly, it’s the fact of the nature including these clouds, which are different and nondistinctive at the same time just like human beings. But why do we have to choose to annoy, trouble and disappoint others when, together, we can make a beautiful happy sunshine day full of cute clouds painted in very blue sky? Believe me, we can truly really stick together without any problems in the same land under the same sky, don’t you think? Ask yourself, who wins after all the wars? My answer is, noone. But on the other hand, my answer is everyone to the question asking and who loses before, during and after the wars.

ps. I blog here in English to practice my English. At the same time, I want to practise my Spanish by writing. Though noone here can understand, it’s more useless if I just write and keep it with my own. So forgive me for doing this.

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