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Jet breaks Apart Landing In Phuket

For all those injured and killed, a heartfelt cry, Rest In Peace.

Bangkok Gluttony

Again, another foodie post I did for my own food blog. But hey, I’m a sharing type! 🙂

I went home for a few weeks this past month. This trip home was a unique one (aside from the obvious circumstance). I mean, I don’t think my family and I had eaten out that much within 2 weeks in our lives. But it was easier for us and for our maid if we were to eat out during the week of wake at the temple.

Not all of the restaurants in Bangkok has a website, so I’m just going by what I remember and will try to give you guys a link the best I can.

Where I’ve eaten:
– Royal Kitchen
– Khun Ying
– Le Dalat Indochine
– Greyhound Cafe
– Kalprapruek on First
– Zen Cucina
– Paesano
– Le Pre Grille

Brace yourself. This is a LONG one. 🙂

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