Spicy Hot: Thaksin’s New Girlfriend!?

(Not bad, it looks like Mr Thaksin seems to have a good taste in woman)

Well, it’s certainly out the bag and Thaksin seems to be proud of it! According to a new biography of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, he and super-spicy singer ‘Lydia’ are the best of buddies (and a little bit more?)

In the new book ‘Thaksin,Where Are You? written by an army lieutenant girl who risked losing her job to interview Thaksin for the book – writes that Thaksin and Lydia are so close that he calls her ‘my loving daughter’.

Now, Thaksin’s lawyer Mr Noppadol, has verified to the Thai Rath newspaper (issued today) that Lydia and Thaksin are just ‘very close’, so are the two families and that there was no hanky-panky involved. Anyway, “She’s still not 20 years of age” Noppadon retorted. He went on to say that it was Thaksin’s son who set the happy friendship up.

(Thaksin’s wife, a bit of a stunner – 30 years ago like)

The couple of photos that have been circulating on the Internet of Thaksin and Lydia cuddling-up together, certainly make the cheery couple look rather more than just nice friends. We are all still waiting for Thaksin’s wife Pojamon to voice her opinion on the matter. In the meantime however, I hasten to add that Lydia looks slightly more appetizing than his aging wife.
But that’s only my opinion. I have posted a photo of both Lydia (and no she is not a ladyboy) and Thaksin’s common-in-law wife for you to compare.

I, on behalf of thai-blogs, wish Mr Thaksin and Miss Lydia the very best of luck.

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