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WiangkumKam : The first capital of LanNa


During my recent visit to Thailand I found a place called WiangKumKam. It is situated about twenty minutes outside of Chiang Mai. WiangKumKam is a relatively newly discovered site, comprising of approximately 28 temples. It was discovered about 14 years ago, many of the temples are now abandoned but some are still standing. The foundations and walkways of these beautiful buildings have been carefully excavated and restored for all to see. Before I go on, I have to write from memory and a little help from a guidebook I bought, having lost my diary (with my luggage) on my return to the UK.

Noy, my friend for many years is a tuk-tuk driver. He was advised we go early to visit the temple. We arrived at about 9:30am,it was very quiet, no farrang yet. The temple grounds being over a vast area the mode of transport was on hand.

Heading off, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquil surroundings that we passed on our way to the Temples.

We came to the first temple called Wat PuPier (abandoned). It is hard to imagine what this Temple and those others in the grounds were like all those many hundreds of years ago. The magnificent architecture is there for all to see. We hope it will remains so for a great many years to come.

The following photographs are of a stucco Buddha image which is situated alongside Wat TadKhaw. The sheer beauty that greets you upon arrival at this particular Wat is hard to describe, it is breathtaking and quite emotional and you start to imagine, all those years ago, what was it like then? How did they manage to build such a magnificent place?

Below is another photograph of the Temple Wat PuPier, carefully tended to as you can see.

Moving further on, yet another Temple, sadly abandoned but still sitting proudly, it’s presence there for all to see.

Again I must apologise for the lack of information regarding the Temples but I will visit them again shortly and hope I do not lose my notes again! For now, please enjoy the photographs and I will update it again in the near future. Here is another beautiful Temple that is in use.

I must say, I found my visit to WiangKumKam quite remarkable, it was a very moving experience and I felt honoured to have had the privilege of visiting and will definitely do so again. Here is a photograph taken from within the Temple.

If you are planning a visit to Chiang Mai I would most certainly consider visiting WiangKumKam.

I hope this little insight to WiangKumKam has been helpful to anyone who may be planning to visit and I can only add, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy your travels!