World’s 1st Ladyboy Air-Hostess!


Miss Kiranant (Nicky) What a beauty!

“Sawatdee Ka, Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard PB Air”

PB Air’s latest air-hostess, Miss Kiranant, has been amazing her passengers with the sweetest voice to hit the Thai clouds in years! As the male passengers look on with rolling eyeballs at such a beauty, none of them would ever believe that the stunning air-hostess, was in fact, born a man!

Miss Nicky can already roll off a whole stream of phone numbers from rich handsome Thai and foreign passengers who have been beckoning Miss Nicky out on a date.

Known as Kiranant (Nicky), just 24 years of age, she is the first ladyboy ever to serve as ‘Senior Cabin Crew’….in the world! For anyone who should dare call Nicky an ‘air-steward’, they have been promised a karate kick around the head!

Nicky explained her burdensome past “While I was studying at Rajabhat University, I was offered a job as a steward at Oriental Airlines, but I just wasn’t happy having to dress up as a man”. Anyway, Nicky followed her dreams of working in the airline business and stuck at the job until she finished her degree in Tourism.

Nicky went on to say “At Oriental Airlines, I wasn’t very satisfied with my male-orientated job, but I did feel proud of studying for a degree while being able to send money to my parents and give donations to the temple”

Nicky jokes about her experiences as a steward and how her colleagues and passengers would tease her with the likes of “Your face is so much more beautiful than handsome!” Even as a steward, Nicky claims she was propositioned constantly by male passengers who just…. adored her feminine face!

Wanting to be herself – Nicky, after 3 years of experience at Oriental Airlines, threw away her trousers and tie for a short sexy skirt and blouse and applied for a job at PB Air as an air-hostess. Unbelievably, the personnel bosses just fell in love with the graciousness of Nicky, and even though it was completely against company regulations, they offered her a 3 month probationary position. Throughout that period, she did such a splendid job that she was finally offered the permanent job of ‘World’s First Ladyboy Air-hostess’

Unfortunately for Nicky, she had this to say “There is a lot of prejudice in Thailand and especially in the workplace. A lot of people behind the scenes weren’t happy with the decision to hire a ladyboy and many of the other female applicants made a huge fuss to the management. Some of them even scolded me to my face!”

Miss Nicky, unhappy at being born a man had to prepare herself for a complete sex-change operation. “I was so happy at the thought, I just wanted to be myself. I even had the full works all done at the same time!”

Source: ‘Bangkok Today’

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30 responses to “World’s 1st Ladyboy Air-Hostess!

  1. I think she already done complete sex-change operation right after work as an Air-Hostess for 2 months and she work as an air-steward first at PB air she was applied for a job at PB Air as an air-hostess

  2. If that is a ladyboy then she is still looks a hundred better that most of the flight attendants employed at American firms.
    Good Luck to Nicky and nice story Steve.

  3. If you can understan Thai you can watch her interview on TV.


    She said she already done complete sex-change operation right after work as an Air-Hostess for 2 months.

  4. “There is a lot of prejudice in Thailand and especially in the workplace.”
    Thailnd is a lot more open than western countries about ladyboys and so is wonderful to see a Thai airline willing to recruit a shemale. These Firms like PB have set a standard for other companies to follow. I wish Nicky the best of luck.

  5. Within just a couple of days of posting this blog, its already showing up on various different blogsites.

    I don’t mind others pasting my blogs but i would like to ask again that you put a link to the original blog (mine) or at least post the name of the original author. It’s only fair.

    I hope you will understand

    Steve Suphan

  6. wow! Nice! Amazing Thailand once more…
    I’ll like to comment that personally I think the “air hostresses” of Nok Air are cute… 😀

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  8. I think Thailand is an amazingly tolerant country. Even though Nicky said she’s victim of prejudice, the Thai culture and people have an overall acceptance of what Westerners and foreigners would call “freaks”. No way would you see a ladyboy in France.
    Thumbs up to Miss Nicky to prove she can do the job!

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  10. I think it lovely she can get job here, many thai ladyboy cannot get job,
    But thailand changing now, this is a
    step forward, I hope soon many ladyboy
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    Many times people think we are real girl.
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  13. Aussiethaiguy

    Hi Steve,

    I was interested to read Nicky’s story. It is very encouraging.

    I guess its due to the way I was raised and the different things I have seen in my life that has always left me rather open minded. I have spent many years living in thailand over the last 20 years, as my father has lived and worked in thailand for the majority of my life.

    I have over the years met and befriended a number of ladyboys, who have all made wonderful friends. I consider myself to be completely hetrosexual and have never considered having sex or paying to have sex with a ‘ladyboy’. Despite this I have seen many beautiful ladyboys over the years.

    One thing that annoys me is how I have seen foriegn and thai men alike, treat ladyboys as objects. Of course, there is a large amount of ladyboys working in bars etc, but I find it very annoying when people treat everyday ‘ladyboys’, the ones out, trying to earn an honest living and getting around in day to day life. Some people should have a hard long look at themselves and consider treating all people the way they would like to be treated.

    I was seperated from my wife about a year ago and recently whilst staying in Thailand on a four month stint, I met a lovely girl, who was working in a beauty salon. I went to the salon to have my hair cut. At the time I was staying in a non-tourist area of Bangkok and of course it was somewhat of a novelty to have a ‘farang’ come into a salon normally occupied by thais. After a number of repeat visits to the salon and after nearly running out of hair and nails to trim, I asked the thai girl from the salon out. At first she was not too keen to go out with me, but after several dates, to the movies, for meals and similar types of venues we began to grow close. At this time and for a considerable time after courting this young thai lass, I never realised that I was in fact, starting a relationship with a ‘ladyboy’. Not being new to Thailand and thinking I know a little bit about Thai people, I would never have known my girl was a ‘ladyboy’.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, after spending much time with my new girl and after definately ‘falling’ for her, she revealed to me that she was actually a ‘ladyboy’. I remember those first few seconds, minutes and hours after she told me and the various thoughts that went through my head. It was at that time that I made the decision to continue my relationship with one of the most amazing people I have ever known.

    We have been together now, for some 7 or 8 months and I can tell you that she is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She is a dozen years younger than me, but has taught me so much. This girl is no Circus Freak, no weirdo, none of that. She is the most normal type of person you could care to meet, with one exception and something that I rarely think about now, that she was born a boy, or a better way to put it was she was always born a girl, in every sense of the word with except one fine detail, in that she was born with male plumbing.

    From my experience and my new life with a ladyboy, I can tell you, life can be very difficult for them. Despite the obvious she is always reminded of her situation every time she produces her id card, passport or bank book. Interestingly, she manages to negate her way around the streets without the staring gazes of every male or thai persone, but I have noticed some of her friends or ladyboy counterparts that are not so lucky.

    I am happy to see that ladyboys like Nicky are making it in life, she obviously deserves to, but never lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of ladyboys in thailand alone, that suffer discrimination of all types and for every sucess story like this one, there are hundreds of others which are not so glorious.

    On one other interesting note, my thai ladyboy can make her way around in Australia without anyone picking her and at any time she has been required to produce ID, there has been little issue with her identity, with a number of people dismissing the ‘Mr’ on her ID as a typo.

    I enjoy your web site steve, never post on it, but hope you keep up the good work.


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  19. Well, i’m sure Nicky (Nikky) was quite surprised when she found out that someone had written a blog like this about her in English (the first and only one)
    I’m also sure that a few folk will be e-mailing her.
    She can also be pleased to know that in the past 15 months since this blog was written, that more than 17,000 people have came through to read via links and Google seach.

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  25. Hi Stephen and everybody on the Thai Blog! I don’t know if you already know that, but Nicky’s story is also part of a book. It is called “Ladyboys: The Secret World of Thailand’s Third Gender”. There is an entire chapter in which she tells about her life and how she became a ladyboy. I found it realy interesting and wanted to share that with you…


  26. Good Luck Nicky, I wish you every success for the future.

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