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World’s 1st Ladyboy Air-Hostess!


Miss Kiranant (Nicky) What a beauty!

“Sawatdee Ka, Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard PB Air”

PB Air’s latest air-hostess, Miss Kiranant, has been amazing her passengers with the sweetest voice to hit the Thai clouds in years! As the male passengers look on with rolling eyeballs at such a beauty, none of them would ever believe that the stunning air-hostess, was in fact, born a man!

Miss Nicky can already roll off a whole stream of phone numbers from rich handsome Thai and foreign passengers who have been beckoning Miss Nicky out on a date.

Known as Kiranant (Nicky), just 24 years of age, she is the first ladyboy ever to serve as ‘Senior Cabin Crew’….in the world! For anyone who should dare call Nicky an ‘air-steward’, they have been promised a karate kick around the head!

Nicky explained her burdensome past “While I was studying at Rajabhat University, I was offered a job as a steward at Oriental Airlines, but I just wasn’t happy having to dress up as a man”. Anyway, Nicky followed her dreams of working in the airline business and stuck at the job until she finished her degree in Tourism.

Nicky went on to say “At Oriental Airlines, I wasn’t very satisfied with my male-orientated job, but I did feel proud of studying for a degree while being able to send money to my parents and give donations to the temple”

Nicky jokes about her experiences as a steward and how her colleagues and passengers would tease her with the likes of “Your face is so much more beautiful than handsome!” Even as a steward, Nicky claims she was propositioned constantly by male passengers who just…. adored her feminine face!

Wanting to be herself – Nicky, after 3 years of experience at Oriental Airlines, threw away her trousers and tie for a short sexy skirt and blouse and applied for a job at PB Air as an air-hostess. Unbelievably, the personnel bosses just fell in love with the graciousness of Nicky, and even though it was completely against company regulations, they offered her a 3 month probationary position. Throughout that period, she did such a splendid job that she was finally offered the permanent job of ‘World’s First Ladyboy Air-hostess’

Unfortunately for Nicky, she had this to say “There is a lot of prejudice in Thailand and especially in the workplace. A lot of people behind the scenes weren’t happy with the decision to hire a ladyboy and many of the other female applicants made a huge fuss to the management. Some of them even scolded me to my face!”

Miss Nicky, unhappy at being born a man had to prepare herself for a complete sex-change operation. “I was so happy at the thought, I just wanted to be myself. I even had the full works all done at the same time!”

Source: ‘Bangkok Today’

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