More ‘Jatukham’ Miracles!

The Thai newspapers have been full lately of supposed Jatukham amulet miracles. Here below is a brief translation of today’s sensational headline story. Courtesy of the Thai Rath newspaper

On the second day of the latest Jatukham ceremony at a temple in Chumphon province the place was heaving with Jatukham followers. Devotees included famous monks and movie stars. Among all these folk were well-known actress ‘Yart Yart-thip’ the ex-girlfriend of Mr Thaksin’s son, Phanthongthae. Her mother also came.

At 2:19pm, just when Miss Yart-thip was taking part (above pic right), an unbelievable thing happened. The sky which had been bright all day suddenly turned dark and through the clouds a holy image of Rahu appeared! Everyone was amazed and most people present believed the miracle was the work of Jatukham.
At the same time, the crowds were so excited by the Jatukham ceremony that there was a huge frenzy to purchase a Jatukham amulet priced 200 – 39,000 baht.
Miss Yart-thip said that she had never before come to Chumphorn province but came this time because of her belief in the super powers of Jatukham.

Besides just the ‘Jatukham Cloud/Yart-thip’ miracle another one also happened the day before. On the first day of the ceremony, the organizers invited lots of important government officials and movie stars including Miss Jui – Woratya (above pic top left). Then, just when Jui was playing with the holy water a Grade 12 student took a photograph with his digital camera. After, when the student inspected the photo he was flabbergasted to see a sign of Jatukham appearing on her head, another miracle! Miss Jui utterly shocked, said that she had only read of such miracles before in the local newspapers and never believed that such a holy thing would happen to her.
The promoters, on seeing the photograph, immediately asked for a copy.

(From yesterday’s Thai Rath, another Jatukham cloud miracle!)

On the same day, our reporters went to Kanchanaburi province to meet up with Mr Decha – a very big politician for many decades. Their intent was to ask him about a supposed Jatukham miracle which happened at the funeral of a 72 year-old man he had been present at. The story goes that when a relative of the deceased took a photo of the dead body a sign of Jatukham amazingly appeared on the body’s jacket. Mr Decha told the reporters that the story was absolutely true and called for the photo-taking relative to bring a copy. He also said that Jatukham was really holy and everyone who had one was to ‘think good and do good’.

Mr Chin, the younger brother of the deceased, told our reporters that his elder brother, a devout Buddhist, had always because of his deep faith, blessed his Jatukham amulet. In his will too, he had divided up all his amulets to family and friends.

(Notes: In March of this year, the Thai Rath earned 4,518,000 baht from Jatukham advertisements. Source: Nielsen Media Research)

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