Reporting Scams in Thailand

Bangkok scams

Wherever you go on holiday in the world, you will find often find people who try to spoil your vacation by scamming you. Thailand is no exception and tourists are often scammed here. At our forums we often receive reports of tourists being scammed. When you hear that the same scam has been happening for ten years or more, it makes you wonder whether the Tourist Authority of Thailand really care about foreign visitors to their country. They actually have a website where you can report scams. I tried reporting a scam but I never received a reply. The common scam outside the Grand Palace is known by everyone. It has been going on for years but little seems to have been done about it. At Paknam Web, we have decided to try and help foreign tourists to be streetwise. We have now set up a web site at where you can read reports of other people who have been scammed. If we work together on this problem then we can surely help beat these scammers at their own game. If you have been scammed while on holiday in Thailand then please submit your story at It doesn’t matter where it happened in Thailand. Make sure that you give details like time and place as we plan to investigate all of these scams ourselves. Let’s see if we can make a difference.

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