Thailand’s ‘Champion’ Prisoner

Thailand may not have been taking the sporting world by storm lately, but there has certainly been one lady who has been punching her way to grand success. She is no other than Siriporn Taweesuk, who on the 4 April, claimed the WBC Light-heavyweight title.

Warming up for the big day, instead of training Rocky Balboa style, running up and down the stairs of the local town hall she had to make do with her prison’s exercise yard. And instead of winning the title against the Japanese contender in front of cheering thousands, her spectators included a few local reporters, prison guards, trainers and some ladyboy prisoners acting as ring-girls. The championship fight took place at no other than Thailand’s notorious Klong Prem Central Prison.

Siriporn, 24, and a native of Lopburi province, is no stranger to a life behind bars, she has already spent nine years of her young life banged-up for dealing in ‘Ya-ba’ (Methamphetamine pills). Sentenced to ten years, she hasn’t got to wait long to enjoy a trip to the beach, but she could win her release even earlier than that after the Chief of Thailand’s Correction’s Department petitioned the Justice Ministry to allow her early patrol. Nothing speedy of course, but Siriporn could be out in a couple of months. If it is granted, Siriporn will be able to defend her title in the next match scheduled for October.

According to Mr Nathee Chitsawang, the Correction’s Chief, she is certainly applicable for an early release – he explained that she has been a ‘Model prisoner’ and now a ‘Sporting hero’. Siriporn said that she is extremely grateful to the correction’s department to allow her the opportunity to train and fight.

And according to the Thai language Siam Sport magazine, Siriporn told them about her hopes for the future “When I am released, I want to return to my home province of Lopburi and open up a simple convenience store”. Thinking about her sorry past she went on to say “If I weren’t caught and imprisoned I suspect that I would have ended up as a hopeless drug-addict”.

And like thailand life’s very own prisoner Mr Gor, Siripon hopes too that upon her release, she has the chance to become a role-model and teach youngsters about the disastrous consequences of involving oneself with narcotics.

We at thai-blogs wish Siriporn the very best.

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