The Grain of Rice

Still remember some words we had to say before having lunch in primary school?

“All plates of rice,
all food you’re given,
are all valuable.
There are loads of people,
lacking food out there.
Think of little kids
with little black eyes
who cannot even have what we have.

I don’t remember quite well anymore but I still remember really well what it was about and how true it really was.

Well, for Thailand, rice is one of the most important exported goods. And ofcourse, most of Thai families have rice for 3 meals everyday.

Days ago, my friend’s host mother bought a box of Thai rice and showed her joyfully. But what she told me was, “She was crazy already. She didn’t have to be that exaggerating. It’s the rice that I eat everyday in Thailand. Ofcourse, I’m not surprised.”

To me, I don’t say those words I used to say in primary school with the whole class at the same time anymore but I still recall why we had to say and its meaning. I never forget and everytime I’m full and about to leave some rice or any kind of food on my plate, I realize. Words of those and pictures of poor people coming up. So I rest a little in order to eat more later.

I don’t know about others but rice has made me, “Me.” Because of rice that my mum and my granny cooked for me, I grow up. Because of Thailand, the land full of rice, I grow up.

If you can, get only what you’re gonna eat and think first before you’re gonna waste.

My friend’s words might be a joke to her and someone.. but personally, it’s the rice of Thailand that I’m proud of.

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