Mythological Beings from Himavamsa Forest

When you visit Wat Phra Kaew in the Grand palace complex you really need to keep your eyes open as there is so much to see. Maybe too much for just one visit. It is a shame that they don’t do a three day pass like at Angkor Wat. Today I want to introduce you to the mythological beings from the Himavamsa Forest. In total you will find seven pairs of these half-animal/ half-celestial beings dotted around the upper terrace. The Himavamsa Forest is found at the foot of Mount Sumeru which is considered a sacred mountain and the center of the universe.

This first being is Apsarasingha. She is half female angel and half lion.

Theppaksi has the head of a human and the body of a bird. Kinnorn has the top half of a man and the lower body of a bird.

The next two have the lower body of a lion (Singha). On the left, Thepnorasi has the upper body of a male angel. On the right, Singhapasorn has the head of a giant.

These last two have the lower body of a bird. Asurapaksi, on the left, has the head of a giant. Asurawayupak, on the right, has the head of an asura (a kind of demon).

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