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Another Crackdown On Sexy University Uniforms

(The following blog is a translation of a story which made national headlines in Thailand yesterday. And I am not joking!)

(The picture which shook the nation – Khunying posing with the sexy girls)

Khunying Chaisri Sri-arun, the top boss of the Cultural Ministry was astonished to find a small group of Rajaphat University students clad in sexy short skirts and tight top shirts, smoking cigarettes and chatting to black male tourists at Wat Pho yesterday!

Khunying stated that this kind of behaviour is ‘unsuitable’ for such girls at a holy place like the revered Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.

The Cultural Ministry, tipped off by a tour group of Thai tourists, were informed that 5 young ladies wearing sexy-short-tight university uniforms had been spotted chatting with ‘coloured’ male tourists. Outraged to receive such a call, Khunying called up the cameras and instantly flew to the scene, and right enough the girls were still there talking to the guys.

On asking the girls about such behaviour in a temple compounds, the girls obviously irritated retorted ‘I can wear what I want – I have freedom of rights’. Then, getting right cheeky, one of them had the nerve to get out a cigarette!

Pic from today’s Thai Rath newspaper – the girls apologize)

Khunying next asked which university they were from and the girls replied ‘Rajaphat Dusit’. Khunying asked immediately that the girls be investigated on the possibility that they were in fact ‘fake students’ and were only prostitutes dressed in university uniforms to procur black male clientele.

The assistant abbot of Wat Pho explained that the temple, open to the public, has scores of school and university students come to the place everyday to interview foreign tourists to practice their English and complete some English assignment. He said that this kind of dress was nothing new but there was nothing he could do besides place a sign in front of the temple reading ‘Please dress politely’.

The vice-director of Rajaphat University has issued an urgent investigation himself to decipher whether the sexy girls really were from his university. As he too claimed that many prostitutes liked to dress in the outfits from Rajaphat to coax foreign tourists. He went on to say, that his institution has strict dress policy and that all his students had to adhere to them.

Author’s notes: After a thorough investigation, it was found out that the girls were in fact ‘real students’ just wanting to practice their English, and not…. out to score 2,000 baht for a quick session with the ‘black guys’ at a nearby short-time motel.

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