Get Rich On Chinese New Year!

(The following blog is a brief translation of a column printed today at the Thai langauge ‘Daily News’ newspaper)

Enjoy Chinese New Year with the Goddess of Mercy. And get rich too!

Tomorrow is the day that all of us have been eagerly waiting for – the great Govt. Lottery. But this month it is even more special, in that it coincides with Chinese New Year! With such an auspicious date set for the lucky draw, both the Thai and Chinese temples are filling-up with millionaire wanna-bes hoping to strike first prize with a stroke of heavenly advice.

Now, the Thai-Chinese pay homage to many Deities, Gods and Goddesses – but for sure, the most revered of all is The Goddess of Mercy (Jao Mae Kuan Im). It is believed that anyone who takes Her to heart, will be blessed with prosperity, good fortune and complete success in every way. This respect is embedded in the blood of every Chinese, be they in Bangkok, Beijing, Birmingham or The Bahamas.

There are innumerable temples all over Thailand dedicated to The Goddess of Mercy, and this year they are certain to be packed-out with followers who believe, that not only are they paying their respects but that they could also strike it lucky on the lottery!

At the last lucky draw on the 1st Feb one of the Jackpot winners dedicated her winnings to The Goddess of Mercy. She was amongst a group of disciples from Bangkok, whom on after praying to the statue clearly saw the numbers 25 miraculously appear floating on a tree. Rejoicing on such heavenly fortunes, she was soon the recipient of a 1 million baht win!

The lucky numbers for the draw tomorrow, by some disciples of The Goddess of Mercy have forecasted 4-7-1. Let’s just see.

A Happy New Year!

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