New exhibition by Pilaiporn Pethrith


A new exhibition by Pilaiporn Pethrith is running at the On Art Gallery close to Rama 6 for the next 2 weeks. Pilaiporn works across a variety of media and genres and has had more international exposure than many Thai artists.


The new exhibition is entitled SOS#3 (Series of Situations) . The medium is INKJET PRINT ON CANVAS with painted details. The main inspiration behind this work is the mythological character “ELF” combined with Pilaiporn’s past experience of living in Nepal. The gods there only have one eye, therefore her “ELF” character has been projected as an one-eyed cat which has been placed against a background of political turmoil and war; thus producing a distinct contrast in the minds of the viewers.

For some pictures from the exhibition please click on SOS#3.

For further information about Pilaiporn and a fuller selection of her work, go to her homepage on our website.


Pilaiporn has been using Elf imagery for some years now. On the left you can see a cashmere carpet made in Nepal in 2004.

The elf is a mythical/magical being with the power to change events.

Pilaiporn’s elf, as represented in SOS#3 is first an observer of controversial moments in history but also, second, a being with the non-human power to transform.

The elf represents human desire to end war and to eliminate political, sexual and social discrimination, thereby creating genuine harmony amongst mankind.

One could argue, therefore, that although the Elf is an observer of despair, it is also a symbol of hope.

We have talked in previous posts about contemporary art and “message”. See for example In Your Face.

Pilaiporn’s message is beautifully presented and subtle in its expression. This is art with thought and we highly recommend a viewing.

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