Daily Archives: January 12, 2007

How Much for a Can of Air?

120107_new02In the past, when you visited national parks and mountains, you could only take pictures in order to bring back memories of your experience. Now all of this is to change thanks to a new scheme at Doi Phu Kha mountain in Northern Thailand. Tourists from polluted parts of the world are snapping up cans of fresh air after visiting the national park. The cannery, which was built at the top of the mountain, seals fresh air into the tuna size can on clear air days. Tourists can then take this can back home and when they feel like a whiff of fresh air all they have to do is to open the can. Unfortunately, you only get one whiff. The price of this Air Can? A bargain at only 30 baht (less than a dollar). Certainly cheaper than the 400 baht that national park rangers charge foreign tourists. All sounds a bit like a scam? Well, apparently over 6,000 cans have already been sold to the public. Though there is no word whether it is foreign or Thai tourists buying these cans of fresh air. (Photo from Bangkok Post)