Lucky Lottery Numbers

To say that Thai people are superstitious is an understatement. Couple this with a desire to win the national lottery then you will get some very odd behaviour. People will do anything to find the latest lottery number. They will even rub the bark of a lucky tree to see if they can work out any numbers. At our local Erawan Museum, someone apparently won a million baht after wishing for good luck. Since the news broke thousands of people go there to pray now.

People also look for anything auspicious or unusual. Over at our sister blog,, we have reported a couple of times about these unusual ways of looking for lottery numbers. One was the footprints of a Naga snake on top of a car. People were looking for numbers in the patterns. Another was a pig which had two faces. Today comes another story from the Thai Rath newspaper. A man from Udornthanee bought a betel nut palm to decorate his restaurant. After a short while, he noticed that the leaves of the plant were growing into the shape of the King of the Nagas, a highly respected serpent snake. As soon as the locals heard about this they came flocking to his restaurant to pay respect and also to beg for the winning lottery numbers!

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  1. Being a Farang, with Thai friends, people would always ask me to pick there numbers.

  2. Amazing how people can be so superstitious but coming from a hispanic culture I can relate to that, as we too find, and mostly look for auspicious or unusual things to pay our respects to. Thanks for showing us another look at Thai culture, although some of us may find it amusing, others like the owner of that restaurant from Udornthanee find the greater reason for those things to exist.

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  4. As a Thai myself, I most of the time still feel a little funny about this whole thing.

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  8. I love this… my favorite is when the monk tells a story – and all the people gather around and listen… and try to interpret what his story means in terms of lottery numbers! A story about a pregnant woman means a certain number, if the story mentions a frog – they double the number… and sometimes people get the numbers correct from listening to him – so he has this HUGE cult following. He has recently fled to the jungle because it was interfering with his Buddhist practice! haha! Good stuff – the plant that grew into a snake…

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