In Your Face


A new exhibition of selected work by two of Thailand’s most talented emerging artists, Anan Pratchayanan and Nantana Phonak, begins on November 20 at the Livin’ Gallery in Bangkok. The exhibition has the rather unusual title of “In Your Face”.

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When people find out that I work in the art world, they often ask me if I am an artist. Sadly, I possess no artistic talent at all. I have neither the visual imagination nor the technical skills to produce anything of worth.

As a child, art classes were a form of torture, an exercise in self-humiliation and I thank God that my own children failed to inherit my “non art” genes!

Yet I love art………………

I especially love modern and contemporary art, ranging from the talents of post-impressionists, such as van Gogh and Cezanne, through the cubist, surrealist, abstract periods, made famous by the likes of Picasso, Dali and Pollock, all the way into the post-modern era.

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