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Thailand’s 1st Ladyboy Band!

(This is a thai-blogs exclusive, and the first ever article/blog translated from Thai into English about the band ‘Venus Flytrap’)

Move over Girls and Boy-bands, the latest musical wonder to be hitting the airways are one of Thailand’s newest bands – consisting of only ladyboys!

Sony Entertainment (Thailand) are currently getting ready to market their hottest commodity on a big scale and proud to be the innovators of ‘Venus Flytrap’ who they have uniquely called Thailand’s first one and only ‘Ladyboy band’.

“Our ladyboy band members are not only as sexy as female stars but they are also just as talented” a spokesman from Sony said. Venus Flytrap’s 5 honey-bunnies are named as follows:

Hot Venus
Posh Venus
Cool Venus
Naughty Venus
Sweet Venus

This unique project was the marketing brains of Sony Entertainment who thought it was time that the pop music-mad public had more to chose from than just girly/boy bands. Sony opened their doors last year for auditions and the five beauties above were chosen for their looks, talents, skills and characters. They have been working together for a year.

“Not only do these ladyboys look like real women but their voices and dance-styles are just as identical too. Venus Flytrap have also been guided by famed foreign pop music experts such as Ingo Schoor and Marco Krismann from Germany. Their sound is said to be somewhere between the likes of Electronic House, New Wave and Eurasian Pop Sound.

Venus Flytrap were heard to say that they are immensely proud to be Thailand’s first ladyboy band and want to take the opportunity to promote rights for ladyboys and gays. On asked whether they had any worries about the response of anti-ladyboy establishments, the girls said “We are not worried in the slightest! We are very confident, believe in ourselves and give only our 100% effort. Besides, in this day of age, Thai society as a whole is becoming much more accepting of ladyboys”

Venus Flytrap admitted that they were encouraged and influenced by sexy rebellious Thai pop sensation Tata Young “A lot of people were once very anti-Tata but she stood up for herself, didn’t listen to her critics and just look at her now, she’s a mega superstar!

The ladyboys went on to say “We can promise you one thing and that is – we are not a resort cabaret show” “We are also hoping that our music will be enjoyed by everyone: children, teenagers, adults and grandparents”

“We are only the second ladyboy band in the world and take aspiration from the first ladyboy band ever (Korean) who became successful even though that country’s society is much more anti-ladyboy than Thailand’s”

Look out for Venue Flytrap….very very soon. Let’s wish them the best of luck!

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