Loi Krathong in Samut Prakan

In Thailand it is a full moon and as it is November then that means it is also Loy Krathong. This is one of the most beautiful of festivals that dates back hundreds of years. A “krathong” is basically a float which is traditionally made from the stem of a banana tree and decorated with banana leaves. However, you can also see “krathongs” made from paper, bread and even foam. Though the latter has been banned in many places. People take their “krathongs” to the local river or canal on this night to float it on the water. They light candles and incense sticks and say a short prayer. As they push the krathong away, they make a wish about their future.

These pictures were taken late this afternoon at city hall in Samut Prakan. We had a parade through town first and then as the sun started to go down people made their way to the river to float (“loy”) their “krathongs”. The people are also entertained with a Miss Nopamas beauty contest and a concert. These same scenes are repeated all over Thailand tonight.

If you want to see what my students do on this day, then take a look at the bilingual essays they wrote last year. I have posted them over at learningthai.com.

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