Loy Krathong at School

Students from our school have been busy this week making “krathongs”. This is for the Loy Krathong Festival on Sunday. Many of the students will go with their families to float their “krathongs” on the rivers, canals or small lakes. They will also light a candle and the incense stick. Sometimes people put coins into the “krathong” because they believe it will give them good luck and lots of money in the future. As they push away their krathong on the river, they say a small prayer to the goddess of the water. At the city hall in Samut Prakan, there will be a fair for three days. This will include a beauty contest called Miss Nopamas. On Sunday afternoon, there will be a parade around town and a contest for the best decorated “krathong”. All cities and villages will be having similiar events this weekend.

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