Road to Petchabun


Vichian’s work is interesting. He is currently working a lot with collages, mostly around agricultural-related themes. There are a few of his canvases that I like a lot. I also like that he is not afraid to experiment.

One problem with much of the contemporary art in Thailand is that it is what I call “copyist”, meaning that it lacks real originality. By contrast, Vichian, and Warawut too, are not afraid to try new things and new styles.

I tend to be attracted to fairly radical, edgy and experimental art. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure but, for me, this was one of those ideal days. Beautiful scenery, sweet fresh air, some high quality art to talk about, with a little comedy thrown in as a bonus.


We managed to reclaim the tuk tuk from the children and left Vichian’s place at around 5pm, with the little three year old blowing me kisses, and headed back to the car and then to Bangkok.

We had been getting calls to warn us of the storms around the city and were expecting to have a difficult drive home. Mr. Schumacher had been warned that, to get paid this month, he needed to keep me alive. He didn’t appear to take much notice but, luckily, the weather stayed calm all the way home.

In fact we reached Don Muang by 8.30pm, which was good because Ris had been bitching about needing food for the last hour or so. By 9pm we were still at Don Muang. As many of you will know the traffic in Bangkok basically ground to a halt because of flooding. Ris’ stomach was grumbling very loudly and angrily!


No matter. We reached home eventually at the end of what had been a lively and fun day.

If you get the chance to visit Petchabun province, go for it. You will not be disappointed, but take time to explore and wander. There is much to see.

Yeah…it’s s fun pic isn’t it? The hand is not mine!

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