Daily Archives: September 24, 2006

Best Thai Blogs

Our aim at Thailand Voice is to promote the work of people who are blogging about Thailand. Although many people regard our own Thai-Blogs.com site as the number one blog in Thailand, there are quite a few other blogs out there which deserve your attention. At Thailand Voice you will find the largest directory of blogs about Thailand. You will also see that every month we choose a “Thai Blog of the Month”. The last two winners are shown below.

You too can help us develop this Thailand blogroll. If you know of any blogs that are missing from the directory, then please add them by clicking on the “submit blog” link. Also, if you have any suggestion about the choice for next month’s Blog of the Month, then please contact us. Finally, we are also looking for volunteers to help us write reviews on the best of the blogs. Please send me (Richard) an email at my thai-blogs.com email address if you think you can help.

​Thai Blog of the Month for September: “2Bangkok.com” by Ron Morris

Ron Morris brings you the daily news about Thailand that you won’t often see in the English language press. Well known for his quirky look on Bangkok’s infrastructure and political scene, you will also find all the latest news about the mass transit systems, the new airport, the conflict in the south and summaries of the Thai press. The blog is an invaluable insiders guide for not only people with a love for Thailand, but also for businessmen who intend to invest in Thailand. This is one website about Thailand that should be bookmarked and visited often.

​Thai Blog of the Month for August: “Real Thai” by Austin Bush

Austin Bush is a freelance photographer from America. He has lived and worked in Bangkok for about eight years and now speaks fluent Thai. He writes articles for the magazine Thai Day. Austin’s blogs mainly concentrate on Thai food and has reviews of both restaurants and street hawkers. This is an excellent blog for people with a love of Thai food. His informative blogs are beautifully illustrated with some stunning photographs.