Not So Politic Talk

Politic and religion—two topics I’ve sworn that will never talk about or if cannot be avoided, I will not be opinionated. I’ve got my reasons.

I’ve started working at a local newspaper here a few years back, and since then, I feel that I have, if not intentionally, placed among the international politic and religion debate for some odd reasons. But from my past experiences, it doesn’t take me anywhere. Too much headaches, so I’ve withdrawn, permanently. But hey, there are a few exceptions.

Here goes to my so-called political point of view (and questions,) related to the situation in the past few days:
• What make some Thais get up in the morning or leave home in the evening so that they can get a snap shot with army tanks? Does it look like a photo sticker machine of some sort?
• It is refreshing to see a family friendly coup for once in a life time, but for some reasons, I feel that it is too sabai-sabai.
• Since we already have this coup thing going on, I hope that Thais will not forget why we have today, what cause it, who cause it, and how to prevent it. The rumor has it—Thais are forgetful.
• So corruption is the problem. Does anyone care what else?
• Shall we revise the definition of democracy for Thai children textbooks?
• Man, that picture of a soldier on the cell phone while a couple of Thais chatting away with another nearby means a thousand word. Love it. To me, if not knowing what is going on, I’d have thought it is the national army meet n’ greet day.
• Love Oakley’s blog. Anyone with me?
• Sorry, this has been a non sense blog from me so far, but I guess I would love to drop a line.

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