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The lighter side of the Coup

Well I am going to re-post what I put up on my personal blog. A bit of my political point of view, but my intention here is to lighten the mood.

Yes, LIGHTEN THE MOOD. Sort of like Gnarly Kitty’s coverage of the coup. Educational, yet entertaining. 😉

Always look on the bright side of life, folks.

And here’s to the coup!

Thailand has coups. It’s almost a fact of life.

Prime Minister abuses power. Government is corrupted. People protest to no avail. The military steps in, essentially to wipe the slate clean. A new constitution is drafted, essentially a forced reform. Temporary PM and government is installed. About a year later everything goes back to normal. About 10 years after that, a Prime Minister would come along and abuse his power.

Rinse and Repeat.

Once in a while you run into a Suchinda where the power went to his head and wouldn’t return democracy to the people. Then we have the bloody uprising and clash of the people and the military. But that happened once in my life time.

Foreign countries are speaking out that they want to see Thailand return to democracy, that they’d like to see the political problems solved democratically.

But how can we solve it democratically when people who are running the election are all corrupted and controlled by the Spongebob Squarehead (aka Thaksin)?

In a sense, the democracy we had wasn’t really a democracy after all but dictatorship disguised under the facade of democracy.

Hence. The coup. So, go military.

I have a few lighter comments on the coup from the Peanut Gallery.

The Inconvenient Coup

I gave Brandon a run down about the coup and how TV stations were cut off.

Brandon: Oh, in that case the coup won’t last that long.

Me: What? Why not?

Brandon: Doesn’t Academy Fantasia come on on Wednesday night? They can NOT possibly cancel the broadcast of Academy Fantasia!

Yes, AF is crack. It’s a combination of American Idol and Big Brother. You watch these performers live together, go to training, and once a week there’s a concert and elmination show. There’s a channel that dedicated to the live footage of the house and follow them to classes and activities through out the day.

But so much for using AF as a cause to stop a coup. Season 3 already wrapped up. AND the concert is actually on a Saturday. 😉

The Convenient Coup

Me: So, the office is closed today. Are you doing anything, dad?

Dad: I’ll be in the office still. We still have stuff to do. Your brother is going golfing I think.

Me: Golfing? The day after the coup?

Dad: Yep.

Me: Isn’t there a Marshall–ah crap I can’t spell Martial Law thing imposed? You know, you can’t have a group gathering?

Dad: Well, you can’t have a party of 5 or larger. A golf party has only four.


By the way, HATS OFF to all the bloggers and message boarders out there! It goes to show that the government can take away television and radio, but the news LIVE on the internet. Viva the People! Fantastic job of coverage, everybody!

Watch the news. Keep to the pulse. When it’s time for the people to rise, we will rise. In the mean time, keep your eyes out all along the watch towers.

Buddha bless the King and the kingdom!

Straight Pimpin’

Of all the story one could cover about the coup, one must give credit for innovation to this wayward AFP reporter…

Business as usual in Bangkok’s red light district

And THAT is what the world REALLY want to know about the coup in Thailand. Oh look, the whorin’ is still goin’ in the Big Mango. Let’s get on the plane!

Way to go, Charlotte. *sigh*

Tanks = Celebrity

Thai folks flocked to see the tanks up close and personal.Folks are bringing food and flowers to the dutiful soldiers.

And of course, in return for kindness, soldiers are mugging for a few shots with tourists and visitors and letting the kids climb all over their tanks. Wow. Instand 10 ton jungle gym.

‘Tanks’ a million, say fascinated fans

See? We’re not worried. Why is the rest of the world getting so serious! 🙂