Daily Archives: September 16, 2006

Live and work in Paradise as a disabled person

Even if you’re a disabled Thailand is still a Paradise!!
If you’re sitting in a wheelchair you will find Thai people wery kind and helpful, same thing if you’ve got other disabilities. In general I find Thai people much more helpful and patient than in my western home country. In Thailand disabled people get more respect than in the western countries! And best of all, in Thailand people just don’t stop and stare at you with eyes wide open!

But yes…..holidaying in Thailand is one thing, living and working here is quite another thing!
In most western countries disabled people who want to work will often be placed in a job suitable for their disability, and a place where they cannot “harm” anyone!
This is not the case in Thailand…at least not for foreigners!
One famous and very popular institution is massage school for blind people.
Blind people get an education in massage and then go on and work in one of the many blind massage cliniques all over Thailand. And those blind people absolutely give you the best massage in Thailand!

But what about disabled foreigners who want to relocate to Thailand and find a job here? Is that possible?

In my opinion the best (and maybe the only one?) solution is to set up your own company and employ yourself as the managing director.

But what kind of business? Well….it depends on you!(I am NOT talking about purchasing a beer bar and then just spending your time drinking beers with your customers 🙂

– What kind of disability do you have?
– What kind of education and experience do you have?
– What kind of interests do you have?
– What is your budget?
– Do you have family or friends supporting your decision of working in Thailand?
– ETC., ETC., ETC.

As for me, I am deaf….but I don’t consider myself a disabled… but other people who doesn’t know me probably consider me as a disabled….and maybe I am! 🙂
I am deaf, but not born deaf, so I can speak and read people’s lips….but I prefer written communication. I have an advantage to people who are born deaf. They cannot speak, or speak very little and only understandable for those who know the person.

I’ve been living and working in Thailand for 8 years now.
Of clourse it is not easy for a deaf person to start up a business, that’s also the fact in the western world!
But personally I found it a lot easier to start up here in Thailand than in my home country.
The Thai people are a lot easier to get around with!
For the past 8 years I have worked with:

– Visa Service for Thai nationals to visit abroad.
– Visa Service for foreigners who want to stay in Thailand
– Dating Service (Just to try it out! 🙂
– Real Estate
– Business Broker (I sell and find suitable businesses for my clients)
– Idea Consultant (I assist clients with ideas and problem solving in connection with living and working in Thailand)

So if you’re disabled in any way, then there is no excuse for not living and working in Paradise!!

If you have the will there is always a way!