Good Thai Blogs from the Past – 09

Mega bridge in bangkok

View from the Megabridge that crosses the Chao Phraya River twice

This year is continuing to be a good one with some excellent blogs about Thailand from our regulars and guest writers. is now firmly regarded as the number one blog about Thailand. Over 6,000 people browse the archives every day to learn more about the real Thailand and also to help plan their holiday. We have become popular due to our family-friendly atmosphere and our policy on not writing about the bar scene in Thailand. Our Thai and foreign writers tell you about the every day Thailand that you won’t find in any guidebooks. The following list are the highlights from September last year:

As usual, I didn’t include any of my Thai Food Blogs which are archived at You can also read the fascinating look book at Phuket in the 1980’s at our sister blog site Thai Travel Blogs. Also, don’t forget to visit our other sister blogs such as Thai Photo Blogs with daily pictures from Thailand and Thailand Voice which promotes the best blogs from Thailand. Then there is my Thai School Blog with daily life and pictures from a typical Thai school. The Thailand Video blogs are being re-developed at the moment. Who knows, maybe Thai Prison blogs will be next!

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