Thai Girls

Let’s see—Thai girls. I guess I have just found another solution for us to overcome the whole Thai-whore-stereotype kind of issue today. And really, I know, we all have been dealing with this skeptical/ stupid/ ignorant marks for so many years now, but the problem is: will you let it get to your head at some point?

In the most part, I have forgiven and let go those anger towards some stupid people who would make even more stupid comments without even try to use their little waves in the brain to process. I believe if one is willing to live in their own, again, stupid little world, then more power to them. But what kill me most is that: even among Thais, some also perceive this concept the same way as the outsider for some reasons.

A few years back, my boyfriend, Dan, and I visited Thailand. Since it was his first time so we decided to go to the usual places—temples, palace, silom roads for goods, and yes, Pattaya. While we were overwhelmed by knock-off price of DVDs along Silom, I heard (and all of these were in Thai): “Hey! Will you bring your customer over here?” So I looked over to the origin of the question. There he was: a guy working at a go-go bar waving at me with big smiles. “What? Are you talking to me?” I shot back, so he said, “Yes! I mean you. Why don’t you ask your customer to come in here, and I will share the commission with you?” At that point, I wasn’t mad, but kind of having this what-da-xxxx gesture going on, so I said, “Hey! I am not a hooker!”

The next day we drove to Pattaya, and the purpose of this trip was to give Dan some experiences of what has been shown in a traveling channel back in the States. We were walking along the beach, and the next thing I knew was that there was a man poking on my shoulder and asked: “How long are you gonna be here with him?” So I was like, “Huh?” The man shot back at me: “Sorry, I mean: did he rent you monthly, weekly or daily because if it’s weekly, I can offer you some discounts at my motel, and we can share the profit. What do you think?”

Really, readers, I have nothing to offer as a hooker. I don’t do hand holding and the whole rub-him-up-and-down thing either. I don’t dress hooker-rish unless you consider a loose t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and flip-flops as factors. I believe it was the guy whom I was with cause all these problems—a Farang and a Thai to be exact.

The worst part is: even my mom is afraid people will take me in a wrong way. She was so concerned then and told me not to walk with Dan around…errr…basically everywhere we went.

So the day after Pattaya, we drove to Rayong hoping to check into a fancy/ peaceful hotel. The front desk girl whisper into my ear, and I remember it was on my right, that this hotel did not take a prostitute in. Now you do not want me to say what happened between me and that receptionist.

Aside from the fact that we, Thai girls, know who we are, the bottom line is that, I believe, if we Thais as a whole—men, women, gays, young, old, doesn’t matter—still perceive our very own Thai women this way, what can we expect from the others? Thais’ attitude must change whether you like it or not, and we all can push other opinions on the side. Solution to delete the stereotype? I’m not sure. If some people are willing to remain stupid, I guess there is nothing you can do about it. Like someone once said: “I may be fat, but I can lose weights, but you are stupid, I’m not sure you can change that.”

(Note: I’m aware of the content that is not very family friendly, and promise will be more calm next time.)

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