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Googling for…..Thai Twins, Girls and Ladyboys

“So, what are some of your readers looking for exactly??”

Nowadays, I get an average of something like 4,000 people a month coming through to my ‘Weblog’ just……via Google’s Search Engine. So, just what are a huge proportion of my accidental readers actually looking for? If you thought that ‘Thai Culture’, ‘Thai Beaches’ ‘Thai Islands’ or ‘Thai schools’ would be near the top of the list, then sadly you are wrong! A third of the folk coming through to my weblog are looking for nothing more than info on……. ‘Ladyboys’!

The refering searches to my weblog are full of ladyboys in all shapes and sizes. Most popular is the search for just ‘ladyboys’ followed closely by ‘Thai ladyboys’, then I get ‘Cambodian ladyboys’ ‘Dos and don’ts Thai ladyboys’ ‘Marrying a ladyboy’ ‘Human rights for ladyboys’ ‘I love ladyboys’ ‘Big nose ladyboys’ ‘Ladyboys hairy chests’ ‘What do ladyboys like to eat?’ ‘Picture of 7 foot ladyboy’ ‘Places to meet ladyboys’ ‘Lusty ladyboys’ ‘Lovely ladyboys’ and even this one ‘Ladyboy leprosy in India’. Just in case you were interested to know, good-old Steve’s Weblog is rated at number 5 on Google just for ‘Thai ladyboys’

It was due to this massive percentage of searches looking for anything about ladyboys that I posted that blog not so long ago on the ‘World’s First Ladyboy Airhostess’ and not surprisingly within the week it had been reprinted at several other sites.

‘Ladyboys’ may hold the record for thai-blog searches but the most successful solo blog of the year just had to be that one I posted ( a story from the Thai Press) on ‘Lucky Man Marries Thai Twins’. In fact, this blog finally made it’s way on to at least a couple of hundred websites constituting of ‘blogspots’ and ‘forums’ etc…. Just print the words ‘man marries Thai twins’ into a Google search engine and you will realize that it’s been copied just so many times that the original (mine) doesn’t even hold a number one rating anymore!

Even today, months after that blog was posted I still get eager readers coming through to my site looking for the lowdown on ‘Thai man marries twins’ ‘Mr Vichai 24’ and even this one ‘Man marries Thai twins hoax story!’ The darned story got so popular that even one of the other bloggers here e-mailed me to say that a friend of his had mistakenly sent the blog through to his email account advising him unknowingly – ‘May be you should post this story on your website!’ At the peak of its popularity I was getting up to 100 readers a day coming through via search engines to read the story. Funny comments posted around different forums about this blog consisted of the likes of ‘Double the trouble!’ ‘Twice is nice!’ and ‘Two for the price of one’.

Most popular pic of the year? Original story can be found at Lucky Man Marries Thai Twins

Overall, this year ‘Lucky Man Marries Thai Twins’ comes in third of top refering searches to me weblog. In second place (falls from the number one spot of last year) is ‘Thai Girls’. Isn’t it darned funny that I get more people looking for ladyboys than actual Thai girls!!

Besides just ‘Thai girls’, I have had folks coming through looking for the likes of ‘Chatting up Thai girls’ ‘Where to meet nice Thai girls’ ‘Thai girls university uniforms pic’ ‘Thai girl security guard pic’ ‘Flirting with Thai girls’ ‘Thai girl with smelly armpits’ ‘Do Thai girls like Dutch men’ ‘Do Thai girls eat pizza?’ and of course ‘Marrying a Thai girl’ and ‘How much dowry Thai girl’. Or…. how about this one from a reader in Sri Lanka just last month ‘How to tell my mother that my Thai girlfriend is a ladyboy’

Number four on this year’s refering searches (down from number 2 last year – probably cause I haven’t been bothered to update the category!)) is anything whatsoever in regards to ‘Dos and dont’s’. Still very popular are ‘Dos and don’ts Thailand, Thai people, visiting a temple, eating Thai food, traveling in Thailand and Thai immigration etc..’.Then, I get some readers coming through looking for ‘Dos and don’ts to be hot blogger’! ‘Dos and don’ts for using whitening lotion’ ‘Dos and don’ts travelling by train in northern England’ ‘Dos and don’ts cooking omelet’ ‘Dos and don’ts bunking off work’ ‘Dos and don’ts job interview’ ‘Dos and don’ts growing Oak tree’ ‘Dos and don’ts playing Monopoly’ and even ones along the lines of ‘Dos and don’ts of keeping a Brazilian mistress!’

Following on from some of the bizarre searches for Steve’s Weblog like the ones above, there are plenty more. I can only think that the following search people did not get to find what they wanted – on either my weblog or the entirity of thai-blogs!
‘Hungarian Goulash recipe’ ‘Winning a Honda Jazz in Thailand’ ‘Tiddly-winks’ ‘My sister is a skinny chopstick’ ‘Skinny Thai boxer pic’ ‘Does a duck cry quackwack?’ ‘Cambodian lottery jackpot’ ‘Chocolate covered coated candy’ ‘Learning to speak Double-dutch’ ‘Flashy Starsky and Hutch hat’ and the list goes on……
And……one reader certainly did not find what he was looking for with this one from a few months back ‘Naked shower photo of Steve and Richard’…!

‘Having so many people accidentally coming to my weblog it’s no surpise that some people have got just a …..teeny-weeny bit upset by the mouth of the author. Last year I wrote up a blog on a well-known Japanese movie star who i had worked with once on a well-known Asian film – ‘2046’ Not long after, a couple of fan-club members of the actual movie star ‘Mr Takuya’ – on hoping to read some exciting ‘behind the scenes’ info on their idol, were instead…..well and truly very upset to read the likes of…. ‘completely full of himself’ ‘gets pampered like a baby all day’ and then to stir the dirt even more……the author claimed ‘chatted up his Personal Assistant in Thai just to wind him up even more’! At the end of the day however, a few commenteers backed me up and wrote in with even more sordid ‘Mr Tacky’ gossip!

Then some of the regular readers here may have read (not that long ago) some of the comments posted by a big fan of a pair of Thai pop stars twins. Searching for info on her favourite stars, was obviously quite upset to read that ‘they dye their hair with boot polish’ and ‘may look like a couple of complete bozos to the normally sane person’.

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