A Mosaic Painting of Buddha

For some time now, I had wondered where this painting of mine got to but I was too lazy to go find it until the other day my mother dug it out from its safe place. So, I just wanted to share it on here for observation.

buddha mosaic painting

Can you tell what it is?

It’s a mosaic of the Buddha gaining Nirvana under the Bodhi Tree. I was about 15 when I painted it for my art exam, which means it’s about 4 years old now. Originally, I tried painting a mosaic with a dark fairy theme but that proved to be too complicated and time-consuming so I began looking for a new subject and found an existing picture as inspiration. Thai Art always fascinates me especially the art one sees in the interior of most temples. I love to draw so I definitely would like to try and do some art history or perhaps even a course the next time I come to tow’. To see the difference, you’d have to squint real hard or see a tinier version for the picture to form.

tiny buddha mosaic painting

I guess one could say, it’s an eye-trick. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really appreciated my by art class, maybe it’ll get some love here on thai-blogs, or at least a glance.

PS: Happy 2 years, thai-blogs!

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