The Floating Markets

It’s raining, it’s pouring, imagination fecund,
we’ve booked and we’ve paid, no chance of refund!
We awaited the Mini-Van, along Khao San road,
– to board the damn thing, I needed a goad!

“The markets are beautiful, you’ll be glad that you went.
You’ll be very pleased, with the money you’ve spent!”
So, I sat with my girlfriend, we sat in the back,
– ‘til we finally arrived, at Damnoen Saduak!

The Floating Markets are incredible to see,
it’s as though they are sitting right there, on a sea.
It’s a big river system, with channels and dykes,
– with long-tailed speed boats, and no motorbikes!

We climbed into one, had to sit at the back,
then powered on down that watery track!
The spray from the speedboat was worse than the swell,
I’m glad that we carried, a ‘brolly, as well!

Of course, they took us, to a central location,
from where we could mingle, amid total commotion.
I saw carved wooden statues, and 3D wall hangings,
the artistry of which, would leave your chin dangling!

There’s fruit of all sorts, all laden in boats,
the weight made me wonder, how they all stayed afloat.
I tasted a few kinds, then I tasted some more,
I couldn’t believe the varieties galore!

I gave lunch a miss, I was too full to move,
I stayed with the shopping – I was well in the groove.
I stood and I watched, as a fellow did carving,
his talent suggested – he would not be starving.

The 3D wall hanging was out of this world,
– a scene from the forest, with trees that were burled!
Elephants and people were carved in relief,
this man had blessing, from the gods – in a brief!

The close of the day came too fast in the end,
I was pleased with the trip, and I will not pretend.
The Markets are great, and although I got wet,
I’ll be back again next year, and that is a bet!


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