Driving in Thailand

Hi. Yesterday I needed to cross the border and have my visa renewed. I decided to drive myself this time as it is not far from Bangkok to the Cambodian border at Arunyaprathet. I live in an area where it is easy to get out of Bangkok in that direction and so I left at 0730 and arrived at the border after a relaxed drive at 1030.

Anyway I wanted to mention about the drive. The roads were great. Remember that this is a poor country and people here pay about 3% income tax. The roads were fantastic. Actually added to that petrol here is subsidised by the government as well. In Australia a huge part of the petrol price goes to the government supposedly for roads. So the roads were extraordinary.

I saw no accidents or signs of accidents anywhere along the way. There were plenty of service stations and places to stop and rest along the way. And most amazingly everything was signposted extremely well. Not just in Thai but in English too. This is the case all over Thailand. The roads are very easy to use and generally so well sign posted.

The trip cost me 1100 Baht in petrol and 1000 Baht for crossing the border and I was back in the late afternoon.

I also recently drive around the North of Thailand and also had a similar experience there. So I wanted to highly recommend driving yourself around to look at this amazing country.

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