Five Year-old Wins 4million on TV Game Show!

(Photo: Courtesy of The Daily News)

Stories From The Thai Press: From The Thai Language ‘Daily News’ 10-8-06

‘Nong Deow’, just 5 years of age, has won the jackpot of 4,000,000 Baht on the popular TV game show ‘Game Thotsakan Dek’.

This quiz show, in which contenders have to name the famous person in each photograph, has seen a 5 year-old genius be able to knock-off an incredible 200 pics in a row! Lifting a cheque for a huge US$100,000+ isn’t a bad payback for mum especially when Mother’s Day is this Saturday.

The atmosphere at Work Point Studio on Aug 9 was tense as ‘Deow’ had to name just 3 more pics before he could collect his winnings. Surrounded by relatives, reporters and hundreds of onlookers – the little genius quite simply – named 3 more without even a drop of sweat! The TV studio exploded into celebration as the kindergarten boy collected the highest ever jackpot for the Thai TV Quiz Show.

On collecting the cheque, ‘Deow’ handed it over to his mother and said ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Mum – this is my gift for you!’

Mum and Dad have promised to take ‘Deow’ and his sister on a dream vacation to Europe to celebrate his winnings. Mum said a big thanks to uncle, family and Work Point Studio. The company has asked for everyone to tune in to witness for themselves the final triumph – to be aired on Channel 9 this weekend 12-13 August.

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