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The website has been online now for two years. We will be celebrating our second birthday later this month. In that time we have established ourselves as the leading blog in Thailand. According to the statistics, we are syndicated to an average of 3,500 readers with another 5,400 people visiting the actual website on an average day. Our bloggers come from all walks of life. They are both Thai and farang and expats and tourists. Some live here in Thailand while others blog from abroad. So far, there have been 1,276 blogs posted here. That is quite an achievement.

As we have now become well established in the blogging community in Thailand, the natural next step was for us to set up a Thailand Blogroll in order to promote the work of other bloggers in the Kingdom. Over the years we have discovered many good blogs and we now want to share our blog list with you. So far, we have selected about 200 quality blogs about Thailand. This makes it the largest directory of Thailand blogs on the Internet. We know there are more good blogs out there, so with your help, we would like that number to increase over the coming weeks and months.

Towards the end of the year, it is our intention to hold the “Best Thailand Blog” awards. Nominations for this award will be taken from the blogs listed in our directory. So, if you own a blog about Thailand, or you know a good one that is missing, then please submit the blog as soon as possible. The more exposure the blog gets, the better it will do in the nominations.

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