About THAT book

Hello Thai-blogs readers and the followers of the Gospel of the OakMonster.

I just want to drop in a line to say hi, I’m alive. I will be coming to Thailand on an unplanned visit in a few weeks. Still trying to find tickets at the moment.

There’s no problem going TO Bangkok from Los Angeles, but coming BACK is another story. You see, August is the month where all the Thai students hop on the planes to either return to the US for their education, or begin such academic journey.

And therefore, my “let’s get you on the plane to come home to see your mom in a few weeks” plan is a bit iffy at the moment.

If you didn’t know, my mom has cancer and recently suffered a stroke. Cancer is in somewhat of a remission and she’s doing fantastic despite the fact that her left side is paralyzed. And that’s why I’m running home to see her for a week. So–no time for a beer with you kids…unless we plan ahead. 🙂

Anyway. I also would like to let you know that I am reading that certain controversial book about the King by that certain American professor. I’m only on Chapter One, but so far only a few things caught me by surprise. The rest is, well for some of us, old news.

Of course, I do intend to finish the Book before I go home. I’ll let you know when I’m done with the Book then you can email me to discuss. 🙂

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