Trips to Thailand

We quite often speak to groups about Thailand. Seems a lot of people that read our book “Ten Years to Bangkok” (which can be bought in bookstores in Bangkok and is handled by Orchid Press and Book Store) are interested in going to Thailand from the United States after reading the book. It seems that most only take a week trip that includes the air flight. We are often asked what things they should see while they are in Bangkok. We have made up this list for them. Most of the ones that return think it is a good list for travelers to Thailand. Many only spend 3 to 5 day in Thailand and never leave Bangkok. Some items can be done with others to make a day or you can tour in morning and shop in afternoon. It is not a list of things you have to see only suggestions and many things can be added to the list. Jewelry and gems are a good buy in Thailand when you know what you are buying we always explain to them. This is a basic list for short time visitors.

1. The Grand Place and the Emerald Buddha (Buy a card cannot take pictures of Buddha) ½ day tour can shop after tour (you cannot wear shorts)
2. Rose Garden/Crocodile Farm
3. Vimanmek Palace
4. Jim Thompson’s House
5. Floating Market / Dinner cruise with Thai dancing
6. Ayutthaya & river cruise (one day trip)
7. Chatuchak Weekend Market (Sunday Market) go early
8. Flower Market-Pak Khlong Talad
9. Democracy Monument (noted in book)
10. Chinatown-Yaowarat (food & gold shops)

Additional places to visit in Thailand

1. Pattaya can do a one day trip from Bangkok
2. Phuket requires additional time 2 to 4 days
3. Chiang Mai requires additional time 2 to 4 days

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