Daily Archives: July 12, 2006

Lucky Stick Game


If you have ever visited a Thai temple, you would have notice that there is always a fine blend between Buddhism and supersition. At many popular temples you will often find fortune tellers or people rubbing trees in order to find clues about the winning numbers for the next lottery. (BTW, please stop sending us so many letters each week for the Thailand Lottery. We no longer tell people our prediciton for the last three numbers. Unless of course you promise to share with us the prize!)  There are also a couple of games you can play in order to predict your future. The most common one I have seen are the sticks in a bamboo container that you shake until one falls out. This has a number which you use to discover your  future. Other games involve blocks of wood. Once, I even saw a roulette wheel in a temple that gave you a lucky number!

When I was on a recent road trip in Phrae, in the North of Thailand, I came across a new fortune telling game. At Wat Phra That Choe Hae, there is a sacred Buddha image called Phra Chao Than-Jai. Many people come here to pay homage and to make a wish. If you are impatient to see if the wish will come true or not, then there is a little game you can play. Behind the shrine there are a number of long wooden sticks. Stretch both of your arms and measure with the stick two times. If the measurement for the second attempt is longer than the first, then that means your wish will come true! This must be a common game in temples in the north as I took the picture below at a different temple in Lampang.


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