Daily Archives: July 3, 2006

Major Exports from Thailand

Fried Mackerel (Pla Tu)

What do you think are the major exports for Thailand? Maybe rice? Well, if you thought that then you would be wrong. However, just over 100 years ago, rice was indeed the major export in the Kingdom. Just for fun, I thought I would give you a list to compare the major exports in 1892 and the first quarter of 2006. The item in brackets is for 100 years ago.

  1. Computers and parts (Rice)
  2. Cars and parts (Pepper)
  3. Electrical circuits (Teak timber)
  4. Rubber (Bullocks)
  5. Plastic pellets (Dried Mussels)
  6. Gems and jewellery (Fried Mackerel)
  7. TVs, radios and parts (Buffalo Hides)
  8. Garments (Salted Fish)
  9. Finished oil products (Rose Wood)
  10. Chemicals (Tin)
  11. Iron, steel and products (Dried Fish)
  12. Air-conditioners and parts (Caradamon)
  13. Rubber-based products (Sapan Woods)
  14. Canned and processed seafood (Buffalo Horns)
  15. Rice (Birds’ Nests)