Baby’s Day Out: at Pattaya

Participants from all over the world come to Bangkok for conferences, seminars and training courses. When the event is for a short duration of one week, a visit to Pattaya is a must. When the stay extends beyond a fortnight, visits are organised to Kanchanaburi,Ayuthya and Chiang Mai. Some enterprising participants of course go to the island of Phuket.

A trip to a near by island

A visit to Pattaya is an one day affair and Thai hospitality is at its best. An airconditioned coach is provided and the participants are always under the watchful eyes of the coordinator. The journey is as pleasant as the destination. On the way you stop for filling in a highway gas station. It is less a filling station and more a mini-marketing complex. You have all types of ice cream, banana and other fruits and all items of stationery.

On the way also one finds markets by the road side where you could buy souvenirs and trinkets.

Earlier a visit to Pattaya meant relaxing by the Jomtien or Pattaya Beaches and ambling in the township. Now of course many types of adventure sports are common, especially speed boat surfing and gliding.

Two participants: from Indonesia and Nepal.

Visiting the islands nearby has become a big attraction. The food in the island is cheap. Lot many people swim in the shallow waters. In the evening, it is rime to say good bye and prepare for the return trip. The coordinators job is to take a roll call and ensure that every participant is back in the coach.

He relaxes only when his wards are dropped back in the hotels in Bangkok. The babies’ day out, so to say has ended with out any untoward incident.

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