Thailand Google Earth Quiz

Where is this?

I have talked about the wonderful program called Google Earth a number of times. In early June, this free program had a major upgrade and now shows the names of all provinces in Thailand as well as many place names. This now makes it much easier to identify landmarks as you fly around Thailand. Google Earth is not only a good tool for armchair tourists, but also for geography students. That is why we have started to use it at our school to educate our Thai students about famous and important places in Thailand. I have created a number of different quizzes for them to download and open in the Google Earth program. The first quizzes are for the junior students and just ask the simple question “What is this?”. The idea is to train the students to recognize objects from space. For example: temples, bridges, football stadiums etc. Other quizzes are more specific and ask for the name of each location.

Learn to recognize objects

What is this? 01 – recognize these objects from space
What is this? 02 – recognize these objects from space

Test your knowledge about Bangkok

Bangkok Quiz 01 – Grand Palace area of Bangkok
Bangkok Quiz 02 – Dusit area of Bangkok

Test your knowledge about Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan Quiz 01
Samut Prakan Quiz 02

You are welcome to use these quizzes yourself. Keep checking back as we will not only add more but there will soon be some informative tours with pictures of famous landmarks in Thailand.


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