Daily Archives: June 21, 2006

Good Blogs from the Past – 06

Wooden palace
The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya

Here are some more good Thai blogs from this time last year.

As usual, I left the food blogs out as you can find them at www.enjoythaifood.com. Also don’t forget to visit the archives for the travel blogs at www.thaitravelblogs.com.

There are some good festivals coming up:

  • Phi Ta Khon festival – 1st-2nd July
  • Grand Candle Festival – 5th-11th July
  • Ashana Bucha Day – 10th July
  • Tak Bat Dok Mai Festival – 10th-11th July

We have started to archive our festival blogs. Also, to add information about festivals coming up. You can take a sneak preview of what we have done so far here: www.thaifestivalblogs.com.