A Sea of Yellow: My King of Hearts

His Majesty The King Rama IX Bhumipol Adulyadej The Great is not just a beacon of hope for his people. He is more than Thailand’s symbol of unity. Through his dedication and by setting an example for others, he has earned not merely the trust and respect of his subjects, but a deep reverence for his wisdom and his affinity with the Thai people.

Prajao Yuhua is without any doubt my eternal Guiding Light. This is no simple ruler of Thailand, His Majesty is without a fragment of doubt the Living Rama on Earth. As the Buddhist scriptures put it, His Majesty is the Greatest Chakravatin of all time — the King of all Kings, and The Living Boddhisattva On Earth !

With the ongoing most auspicious Sixtieth Anniversary of His Majesty’s Ascension to the Throne, the whole Thai nation and all Thais worldwide are rejoicing with His Majesty. Although I am only 1/8 Thai, I am so happy to share His Majesty’s birthdate of December 5, and we even share the same birth colour! Not unlike 64 million Thais in 76 provinces, I have also been wearing yellow as a mark of respect to my Greatest King on Earth!

I wish I could be at the Ananda Samakhon Throne Hall to pay my respects at the feet of His Majesty! Unfortunately, I am at least 1,500km away. At least, I am with His Majesty in spirit. I bow and prostrate with my deepest reverence, respect and veneration!

May All The Buddhas, the Devas and Brahman Deities Look Upon His Majesty!
Long Live His Majesty
Long May His Majesty Remain My Guiding Light

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