Devil’s Day

Well if I had thought it through, I would’ve posted this last night so you guys would actually be reading on YOUR day of the Antichrist. But hey, better late than never!

Today, in America, is June 6, 2006. 06/06/06. A much hyped up day for this side of the pond.

Twentieth Century Fox are releasing a remake of the classic horror film “The Omen” this evening. The latest instalment of the “Left Behind” Christian apocalyptic novel series, The Rapture, hits bookshelves. Right-wing American commentator Ann Coulter also launches her latest tract on “godless liberals”. The thrash metal band Slayer starts its Unholy Alliance Tour.

Also, the town of Hell, Michigan, is banking on the 666 craze and celebrating like crazy.

666 accordingly to the Bible’s Book of Revelation is the Mark of the Beast, the numbers of the Devil. The set of numbers which the Antichrist use to exert powers to rule the world.

Some people believe that WWW (World Wide Web) is 6-6-6 in Hebrew. And therefore, yeah the sign of the Antichrist is already here.

There you go on how people interpret this set of sixes.

Interestingly, in the dialect spoken by some Malaysians, the number six is pronounced like the word “luck.” So today actually is supposed to be a hell of an auspicious day. (Yes, pun is intended.)

Funny how #6 has a similarly negative connotation in Thai culture.

Six is “Hhok” in Thai. “Hhok” also means to fall or to spill. You spill some water – Taam (did) Naam (water) Hhok (spill). You fall down – Hhok (spill) Lomm (fall).

So, for Thais, 6 is the unlucky number. The anti auspiscious number.

On the other hand, number 9 is our favorite.

Nine is “Gaow”. “Gaow” for Nine is spelled differently, but it is pronounced the same as “Gaow” which means to step forward.

Going forward is a good thing. Falling down, not so much.

#9 is especially auspicious for being the biggest number of all the single numerics. No single number is bigger than #9.

These 2 numbers are especially powerful when they start AND end a series of numbers. For example, let’s say your phone number is 955-5559. This signifies that you will be taking steps in both directions. On the other hand, 655-5556 means that you will fall wherever you go.

#6 and #9 play a role for many businesses as well as their daily lives. For some people, they will pick numbers in their lives accordingly like their cell phone numbers, their license plate numbers, and even the house number or the number of the street.

The Holy Grail of #9 is a bank note with the serial numbers which start AND end with #9. Whenever I remember, I’d check my bills to see if I have one. Once in a while I’ll do it here in the US too!

Now that you know about our numbers, keep watch 3 years from now on September 9, 2009. Although they’re not all Thai dates, using the Christian years instead of the Buddhist years, Some Thais will take those number and run with it.

See what greatness will come on 09/09/09!

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