New for 2006

My first blog in 2006. Sorry folks, I’ve been away starting a new position at my new job. Hope all is well in the new year to all…I miss Thailand. Funny, isn’t it. I guess not to a blog for the love of Thailand. Though there is a great love to all that has ever touched its wonderful culture and my people.

I have looked at all the Thai restraints that have popped up around Chicago in the past several years. All I have to say is that my mom’s cooking has made everything taste like McDonald’s. Not that my mom’s cooking is phenomenal. Its just that fantastic thing, that people talk about lovingly like their past grandmother’s apple pie in the states. The great thing is that my mother’s family boffs at my mother being a great cook.

My mother’s family was not well off in Tai (Southern Thailand). My mother would ride her rinky dinky bike all over god’s creation, which is the size of a small suburb around here, and eat at others people’s homes. The town knew the family, and it was small enough that everyone knew everyone. It was the old homage that it takes a village to raise a child. In this case it was my mother. She never cooked till she came here, and met my father at a steak house. My parents steak by the way, is the greatest.

My mom can cook. I have eaten her siblings food, and my palate is made for my mothers cooking. Its amazing, how things can change in life. When I was a child, my father brought his first son golfing. To say the least, it was a failure to both my dad and me. I spent the rest of my childhood and adulthood, spending time shopping and watching my mother, family, and friends cooking in the kitchen while the MEN went golfing. It was the greatest gift that my family has given me. Its not the FOODTV that is SOOOO great now. It was full of fishy smells, curry being made from scratch, cuts and bruises, gossip, and things that actually make a meal better. Full of flavor and depth…which is why I grew up to work in the finance field. LOL..all my friends and colleagues play golf and cook with the microwave or order out. I miss Thailand.

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