Well here’s my first Thai blog

Hi I’d just like to use this first blog to say hello to you all, I’ve been writing on the forums for a few months now but have a few stories to tell of my times in Thailand.

You can check out my daily, well almost but not really, blog at http://spaces.msn.com/hiimrob . That will give a bit of a background for me as to how and why I’m here. (As soon as I suss out the tool bars I’ll be able to do hyperlinks etc so please bear with me. I’m new to all this)

At the mo I’ve been really busy starting up my new school year, it’s really hectic, looking after 3 classes of 4-7yr olds and having to do all of the lesson plans and entertainment for them, but things are happening now and I have a little more time on my hands, to explore the surrounding areas and so on.

Life here in Prachinburi is a lot slower than last year in Bangkok, in my next blog I’ll try an put some pics of the differences, see if you can spot them. I have enough images I just can’t seem to get them small enough, so any constructive critisism will be gladly taken on board, pedantic critisism will be disregarded, although I’m partial to a bit of facetiousness myself.

This blog will not just be a diary of my whinges and daily strife, I’ll leave that to the msn site, hopefully here I’ll give little insights to my views on Thailand so people who know it will recognise and either agree or not, I don’t mind, and those who don’t know Thailand will maybe learn something, or not, again I don’t mind.

Anyhow I won’t bore you any longer with this opening speech, I’ll just let you all know I’ll be posting here now as well

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