Hey Oakley,

So nice to see you here! 🙂

It’s the story like this that ruins it for the rest of us Thai girls who do fall in love with our farang husbands for the right reasons.

Exactly. Also, female co-workers and friends are affected with this stigma, just because they hang out with a farang guy. I feel sorry for them, and especially for Cherry that she has to put up with all that BS, totally undeserved. All that just because of these losers!

It just sucks that when you and your husband show up together in Thailand, first thought comes: Ah, a farang and his hooker. Then, oh may be it’s the farang and his young money hungry wife. It never ends as, well they are just another married couple.

So it won’t change after marriage either then. 🙁 But of course, what else to expect, when these jerks disgrace the notion of marriage as well! I wonder, do they ever feel any trace of shame during the ceremony that was built upon all the values that they themselves lack? What a hoax! :-/

Also, kinda amusing that the only ones supporting the “trade” are the ones not affected by it personally. It’s soo easy to be non-judgemental on issues where there is no personal backlash on yourself! Talk about the real ignorant outsiders, lol! 😀

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