My House in Thailand

Many people have been asking me for some pictures of my house. If you followed my blogs from the start, you would have read about my adventures of buying furniture and having services like the telephone connected. I am not 100% happy with the decorations yet but I think it is time to share some pictures.

My house is a shophouse. The ground floor orignally had a high ceiling with a kind of small balcony/landing on the second floor. I extended this floor so that I could have the office there. So, my house now has four floors and a roof garden. The price was 1.5 million baht though I spent quite a bit on modifications. As many people know, foreigners cannot own land in Thailand. I got around this rule because the house is the official location for my company: Paknam Web Co., Ltd.

These two pictures show the living room. Can you see my large maps of Thailand and Bangkok? If you look carefully at the Thailand map you will see quite a few blue pins showing places where I have been. I mark places I want to visit with a yellow pin. This map is very useful when it comes to planning road trips. It is also a good talking point when we have visitors.

The second floor is the office where we work on the websites in the Paknam Web Network. We have about 70 websites about Thailand though only about 35 have been developed so far. It takes time developing new sites. It is this office where websites like,, and of course these are made. It is also the office for Thai Hypermarket book store.

If you are interested, you can see more pictures of my house and office at my website

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