Stories from the Thai Press – 08

The Latest Craze – Farangs Meet Thai Wives ‘Online!

(Translated from the Thai language ‘Thai Rath’ newspaper 24 – 5 – 06)

We all know that the Internet is the biggest source of information, but for lonely people it is also a great place to meet boyfriends and girlfriends through chat-rooms and purposed websites. Most of these folks are sincere in what they say, but of course there are a few who are only out to deceive.

According to reports, there are more Thai women looking for love on the Net than there are men. In fact, tens of thousands of Thai women (average age 25-45) are signed up to a host of dating websites looking for the wonderful foreign man of their dreams!

There are now more than 20 websites dedicated especially to foreign men hunting for a Thai wife and vice versa. The owner of the website ‘ha-khu-rak-online’ informed us “Most of the foreigners looking for a ‘Bride-to-be’ were Americans and Europeans. Now, a lot of Farangs like Asian girls but as for Thai girls………they are Numero Uno!”

The website owner went on to say “Most of our Farang members prefer brown-skinned, sweet, healthy-looking, affectionate, pretty Thai girls who also have good mother-like qualities”

Richard Franz an American, had this to say “I like Thailand because of the culture, pleasant attitude and beautiful women. In the future, I really hope to marry a Thai woman!”

Mr Frank a 48 year-old Biologist from Texas, wrote “My only wish in life is to meet a cheerful happy Thai wife. I would love and take care of her to the best of my ability”

If you check out any of the 20+ dating websites you will find a host of pictures of tear-jerking Thai custom weddings between Thai girls and Farangs.

The websites advise Thai girl ‘Mia-Farang wanna-bes’ to send in their best pictures “Farangs prefer pics of girls with untied long hair and not too much make-up plastered on their faces”

One website went on to say “Anyway you look at it, if the Farang wants to find a Thai wife – he’s gonna have to spend money on membership. We also arrange big fancy parties in the Silom/Sukhumvit Road areas where members can attend and meet potential soul-mates”

“We find that many of the Thai women looking for Farang husbands are divorcees with a kid or two who have been dumped by their former Thai lover. Many Farangs are willing to take their new Thai wife, and her kids, to their home country and financially support her family”

“Not all the stories are happy ones. We find that many Thai girls, who on meeting their online potential husbands, are disappointed that the handsome man in the picture, is in fact – quite ugly. Or/and, he lied about his resume”

“Some of our female members admit to looking for a Farang husband who is generous and has lots of money. Many Thai women however, have given Thai women in general, a bad name around the world because of dating Farang men just to ‘get money out of them’”

Whoever wants to take the chance of looking for a lover online has to ask themselves this “How sure and ready am I to take the gamble on a pot-luck relationship?”

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