Is my new GF/BF HIV positive ?

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I hope that the readers take this question seriously, and do not redirect this question towards Bar-girls and Drug users.
With the number of HIV positive people in Thailand so high, and growing, this epidemic is effecting all of us, because each year a larger and larger number of HIV positive people do not know that they have been infected. I am talking about the nice girl or boy next door, or your friend/lover, that was not been fateful.
A blood test is the only way, that i know of, to make sure that a person has not been infected with the Aids virus, and is not HIV positive. So, when i was working in the Medical profession, in the USA, i would normally give blood twice a year, because i knew that if i was HIV positive, they would not use my blood, and notify me that i had tested positive. The cost to have your blood tested in the USA is over $200.00, and this way my blood was being used for a good cause. I did this because in the USA, a patient does not have to tell his doctor or health care professionals that they are HIV positive. And because i was required, on a daily bases, to treat people with open wounds.
That is how i dealt with the problem personally, but my question is, how do you ask your new GF/BF to get a blood test, before you start french kissing them? This may be a blunt way of putting it, but i am sure that you will see the dilemma.

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